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Cugate AG is a German big data company that was founded by music producer and manager Hanspeter ”Memo” Rhein.

The primary goal is to support the general change in the media business from haptic to virtual sales and business processes, to secure business areas with a worldwide patented solution CUGATE’s VIRTUAL BARCODE (the global, unique non-intrusive media operating & management development) to make the newly created point of sales and monetary structures & solutions manageable, as well as to implement these goals in a virtual, global and unrestricted marketplace.

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The Cugate Music Catalogue

Cugate AG holds the rights to a vast catalog of music and is still producing and releasing new music. The Cugate Label Group consist of four labels for physical releases (Cugate Classics for Classical recordings, Clásicos Latinos (for music from Latin America, Kintsugi Recordings for Neoclassical music and Memo Music for everything else). Apart from that we run several other labels for digital distribution only.


A specific hashcode gets converted to an audio signal in the psychoacoustic frequency range and is written into the data itself. These codes are stored in a blockchain and can be used to trigger all kinds of actions. Our decoder which currently exists as a standalone application and an extension for browsers can extract the codes and trigger the event or action that has been assigned to it beforehand.


During the fingerprinting process the audio or video file (A/V) is analyzed using 96 different parameters. The information gets collected in a small file, the so-called „fingerprint”. The signal itself is not being altered (-> passive processing). With a software developed by Cugate we are now able to match a A/V-file with a database of fingerprints and so to identify it and to compare the properties of the files to filter out similarities or specific relations.


All of our solutions have been developed in close consultation with the planet's most important collecting societies, music publishers, distributors and artists. It is important to us to remain in constant communication with all our stakeholders to ensure all-encompassing and state-of-the-art solutions that leave nothing to be desired.

Products & Services

1. Digital Distribution

Cugate Soundsoul is a global digital music aggregator and already one of the world‘s largest distributors for classical music. Instead of a closed-off B2B system with intransparent accounting we offer direct access to data and analytics for artists and offer support and tutorials. APIs to all major portals and the most important collecting societies guarantee international rights management. Cugate Soundsoul will become the central hub that also can be utilized for additional distribution channels.

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2. Radio Monitoring

Since 2017, we are monitoring the most important radio stations on a global scale and are able to prove the radio play of musical works thanks to our fingerprinting technology. Our system computes the royalties that have to be paid out by the collecting societies to the artists in real time (currently only for Germany). Through station profiling we are gathering precious data for marketing purposes. This system was installed in Shenzhen, China in cooperation with the Shenzhen Copyright Association for administrative use in 2019. Our consumer-facing radio app (soon to be released) will use this data to create a fully immersive radio experience that will connect radio stations, listeners, artists and advertisers like never before.

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3. CuSync

Licensing music to movies and advertisements has become a very important revenue stream for musicians and publishers. With our CuSync-system we are able to offer access to this as of now exclusive market for everyone who is interested.

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4. CuSpace

With CuSpace, artists are able to create their own website and promote all their sales-, streaming- and distribution links to their social media outlets.

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5. NFT

Since we are integrating Blockchain into our rights management system we will be able to generate NFTs for our artists.

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Digital Distribution

Radio Monitoring

Data Analysis

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Snyc Licensing


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