Cugate AG holds the rights to a vast catalog of music and is still producing and releasing new music. The Cugate Label Group consist of four labels for physical releases (Cugate Classics for Classical recordings, Clásicos Latinos (for music from Latin America, Kintsugi Recordings for Neoclassical music and Memo Music for everything else). Apart from that we run several other labels for digital distribution only. more...
CuView is a cutting-edge video integration platform that specializes in interoperability, seamlessly embedding itself into the audio track of any video file. Through its innovative technology, CuView enables real-time interactive media experiences, allowing viewers to receive personalized recommendations and engage directly with the content. This platform facilitates dual communication between the consumer and broadcaster, fostering deeper engagement and enhancing the viewing experience. more...
The most advanced online radio platform on the planet! We are still in our BETA phase and you might encounter a bug or two from time to time.
CUGATE AG is offering a multitude of copyright-free Video and Steaming channels for shops and businesses. Try our services for free and get in touch with us for more details!
Licensing music for films and advertising has become a very important source of revenue for musicians and publishers. With our CuSync system, we can now offer all interested parties access to this exclusive market. Our system calculates the royalties that collecting societies have to pay to artists in real time (currently only for Germany). By creating station profiles, we collect valuable data for marketing purposes. more...
Since 2017, we have been monitoring the most important radio stations worldwide and can prove the use of musical works thanks to our fingerprint technology.
A platform for streaming & content licensing and buyout, including exclusive audio and video rights – we offer concert videos or specially produced video impressions. The content is mapped , tagged and curated by musical impressions satisfying emotional behavior and expectations, compiled in specific channels and separated by full rights ownership: audio and audiovisual. more...


Music Library
Here you find a diverse array of CDs spanning various genres from classical music over Pop/Rock to the electronic music spectrum. There’s a broad variety you might like. Please dive deeper into our catalog and discover the breadth and depth of our offerings across these various genres and formats.
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Your Sound, Your Style: Wear it Loud!

Shop exclusive music and merch from The Cugate Artists Official Online Store. Vinyl, hoodies, tees, CDs, accessories, and many many more.
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Let’s Get The Party Started
All Raul Gutierrez CDs as a huge package!
  • Son Elegante
  • Soy La Mulata
  • Puente Special
  • In A Sentimental Mood
Four CDs for only 40 Euros!
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Special Offer - ESC
Please find specially designed shirts with the slogan of the best ESC titles of the last years and this year’s great German artist Isaak:
  • Always On The Run
  • Tattoo
  • Calm After The Storm
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