Our primary goal is to support the general change in the media business from haptic to virtual sales and business processes, to secure business areas with a worldwide patented solution CUGATE's VIRTUAL BARCODE (the global, unique non-intrusive media operating & management development) to make the newly created point of sales and monetary structures & solutions manageable, as well as to implement these goals in a virtual, global and unrestricted marketplace.

Our unique (MOS) (Media Operating System) solution helps to secure new business areas and to make the point of sales and monetary structures & solutions manageable and usable. We are already successfully implementing this approach in several pilot projects.

We have been developing and optimizing our worldwide patented fingerprinting and watermarking technology for almost 20 years. There are already proven and scalable solutions for radio and TV monitoring with an associated calculation of the license fees to be paid in real time, an AI-supported system for the sync and license area and third-party advertisement solutions for TV and video sales. Further application systems are under development.

Musicians, scientists, producers, artists and music publishers around the world have contributed to the creation of the CUGATE solutions. The result is a solution tailored to all sales and marketing processes in the film and music industry. In recent years, Memo Rhein has been able to put together an excellent team which is unparalleled in terms of experience and expertise, with offices in Berlin, the USA, Georgia and China.


Cugate AG is the first company to hold two global patents for fingerprint and watermark technologies developed in-house. We combine these two systems in our “Virtual Barcode” product, the central component of all our solutions. All the music we distribute is fingerprinted and watermarked so that every copyright and distribution data point is stored on all possible platforms.

During the fingerprinting process, the audio or video (A/V) file is analysed using 96 different parameters. The information is collected in a small file called a “fingerprint”. Some of these parameters relate directly to a musical value (e.g. BPM or key) , others are exclusively mathematical in nature. The signal itself is not changed ( -> passive processing). With software developed by Cugate we can now do two things:

  1. Match an A/V file against a database of fingerprints and identify them,
  2. Compare the properties of the files to filter out similarities or certain relationships.


In a second step, called watermarking, we now actively change the properties of the file itself. A certain code is converted into an audio signal in the psychoacoustic frequency range and written into the data itself. These codes are stored in a database and can be used to trigger all kinds of actions. Our decoder can extract the codes and assign the event or action previously assigned to it. We ensure that the full length of the code can be written to the file. This ensures that the codes can be read at any point in the file. For this reason, the watermark is written in variable time segments with overlaps to ensure that it can be read in all formats. Our technology makes it possible to write different levels of watermarks. For audio files, we currently work with four layers:

  1. Identification
  2. Distribution channel
  3. Advertising
  4. ISP control

The combination of fingerprinting process and watermarking enables 100% secure identification. Apart from this, products using only one of the two technologies are possible. In this way, the file is still identified.